A complete lead management solution

Give your leads the attention they deserve.

Our full-service call center can help your dealership scale quickly and at a reduced cost compared to an in-house BDC.

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We increase showroom traffic by 157%.

We have a ninety day follow-up program that ensures no lead is left behind.

Full transparency.
We use your CRM so that you can see everything we do, always.
Instant responses.
Our agents hit leads with a response in seconds after a new lead is received.
Ninety day follow-up.
We have a rigorous ninety day follow-up program. No lead is left behind.
Increase sales, decrease overhead

Scale your sales without scaling your overhead.

No matter how many leads you get, our price-per-lead stays the same.
All your leads, managed in one place

Full coverage across all of your channels

We manage your leads from every channel, at no additional cost.
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Inbound calls
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Text messages
  • Website chat
  • Form submissions
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Let us increase your showroom traffic.

Kick your feet up and let Silva & Habeck increase your showroom traffic in just a few days.
"As a small-town dealership, staffing our BDC has always been a headache. Now that we're using Silva & Habeck, we can take a deep breath."
Chelsea French
Owner, French Ford