Jan 29, 2020

Why You Need Daily Quality-Assurance Tests on Your Dealership Website

Your dealership’s website is often the first thing that a customer sees when they start looking for a vehicle, and more often than not, there are things that are broken. The first thing that we implement with our new SEO clients is a daily quality assurance test of their website. While your dealership website provider should be handling this stuff (that’s what you’re paying for, right?), they usually don’t catch everything. In this blog post, you’ll find common issues we see with dealership websites and how you can fix them (mostly for free).


Forms that aren’t linked to your CRM

This is a very common issue because CRM integrations are famously unreliable. To test that all of yours are working correctly, submit a test lead from every form on your website. Since you likely have quite a few, we recommend using a unique first name for each one so that you can identify them in your CRM. Make sure that the test lead entered your CRM quickly and with all of the information that was asked in the form.


If you find a form that doesn’t integrate with your CRM,determine who is hosting the form. If it’s your website provider, reach out to your account rep and ask them to take a look. If it’s a third-party form, such as one from your credit application provider, you’ll have to contact them.


Broken click-to-call buttons

Sometimes there are click-to-call buttons that don’t have a phone number linked to it. We also see click-to-call buttons that are linked to a phone number correctly, but missing the country code (+1 for the US). This causes a misinterpretation of the phone number, leading to the customer calling a number like this: (91) 893-49598. To find broken phone number buttons, it’s pretty easy. Just pull out your cell phone and go to your website. Start clicking every button you see!


If you find a broken click-to-call button on your website, email your website provider the URL and location of the button on the page. Tell them to ensure that the button is linked using proper html (href tel:).


Dead links

Your website has likely been online for quite a while, and dead links (links that go to a broken page or don’t have a link at all) are probably littered throughout your website. To find these links, download the Error 404 Google Chrome extension here. Once the scan is complete, email your website provider the list of broken links.


Rage clicks: frustration-inducing website elements

We use an analytics tool called Fullstory to find users who clicked on an element multiple times, rapidly, infrustration. It also allows us to filter down to users whose browsers logged a JavaScript error right after they clicked something on your site. FullStory surfaces what we call frustration signals— moments captured in sessions recorded on your website that, though painful to watch during replay, teach you something insightful about the user experience with your website. You can subscribe to a FullStory plan for your dealership, but it’s not cheap. You’ll end up paying around $1,000 per month for this software. If you don’t want to foot the cost, you can reach out to us for a demo of our SEO offering. We have a FullStory subscription for every one of our clients so that we can monitor what’s going wrong – and stop it before you lose any leads.

In summary

It’s important to do daily quality assurance tests on your website. Things go wrong on websites all the time, and you don’t want to be playing catch-up. Sound overwhelming? Reach out to one of our SEO specialists to schedule a demo to see how we can lessen the burden of managing your dealership’s online presence. 

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