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Feb 3, 2020

Case Study: Selling 20 Cars a Month from Facebook Ads (In a Town With 16,000 People)

Most automotive advertising agencies like to focus on the big fish, those large dealerships in large metropolitan areas. Sure, everyone likes to catch big fish. 

But what about the smaller fish? What about the hundreds of dealerships all over the country in smaller towns? We know they need sales, too. There are people in those towns that want to buy vehicles, it just takes a specialized approach to reach, engage, and convert them.

And that’s just what we did for a small-scale Ford dealership in rural Northeastern Oklahoma. In January--historically, one of the slowest months of the year--they sold 20 vehicles from our Facebook campaigns at $75 dollars per sale. (Again, a recent study by NADA shows the average cost per sale is over $600/sale.)

Just how did we do it? 

Well, as everyone knows, the ideal Facebook audience is between 500,000-1,000,000. However, there are less than 17,000 people in the dealership’s town and only 200,000 in a 35 mile radius around the town available to target on Facebook (and that’s without any detailed targeting!).

So, we had to get creative with our audiences. We used a secret sauce of specialized, highly-detailed and intent-based Pixel audiences from the dealer’s website, CRM, and existing Facebook page data and matching look-alike audiences to make customer segments with the most engaged traffic and folks who look like them across Facebook.

We also increased the frequency cap so that our average frequency above the so-called “tipping point” to make sure our ads were seen more regularly. This meant our ad creative and copy had to be more conversational and intent-based so we didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot by annoying the very few people in our audiences in the first place!

But, in the span of one month, the dealership sold converted more than 2% higher than the average conversion rate from raw leads to sales. (We can’t take all the credit, though. The dealership has a rock-solid BDC and follow-up process and are quite aggressive in sub-prime customers.)

We produce similar results for “small fish” all over the country and can do the same for you. Schedule a demo with me and you'll get your first month of Facebook Ads managed for free.

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