Feb 3, 2020

3 Reasons You Should Outsource Your BDC

Anyone who has ever managed, worked in, or remotely been around a dealership BDC (Business Development Center) knows they’re a mess. They’re expensive. They’re (often) ineffective. How much longer can you afford - monetarily and logistically - to keep running your BDC as same old same old? 

Having managed several BDC and Internet Departments, I know the pain of the process.

You spend countless hours writing just the right combination of misleading and outright deceptive job postings.

You figure out how much you can pay them on shows and sales to keep the mediocre folks around, while the high-performers go to the dealership down the street to another dealership where they can make a few thousand more a month and the low performers don’t even make enough to meet their draw.

Once you get a couple people desperate enough to stay in that gross back room living on cigarettes and knock-off energy drinks, after a few weeks and a few dozen write-ups later, you have a couple people formidable enough to scrape by with 100 calls on a Bells shift while only scheduling like 7.5 appointments (the half appointment didn’t really commit to a time, but they scheduled it anyways).

You’re constantly harping on your Manager to get the BDC reps to follow up, which they never do (logging fake calls doesn’t count). Trust me, don’t run the “Active Leads Without Future Follow-up Report” for the sake of your health. 

Those couple suckers that do stay around eventually get smart enough to change the name on the initial contact to fudge the numbers, so you’re stuck signing off on a $3000 wash out check you don’t even think they deserve in the first place.

I get it. I’ve been there, done that. But there’s a better way…

Outsource your BDC. Here’s why.

Lower Cost

You’d be amazed how expensive BDC Departments can be. I haven’t run a BDC that didn’t cost less than $25k-$30k/month after salaries and bonuses. Even then, I was always understaffed and had my BDC reps. working Bells and every Saturday. Our custom BDC solutions cost just a fraction of that.

Lower Stress

Imagine waking up and not having to worry about who you’re going to have to fire, who you’re going to have to write-up for logging a fake call, or how you’re going to get to _____ appointments on Saturday. Imagine getting to the dealership and seeing a full appointment list. 

Even better, imagine not having to confirm appointments every day or worry about follow-up ever again. Our BDC not only handles your inbound leads and calls, but we confirm appointments, follow up with missed appointments, and regularly contact all your old leads you couldn’t even dream of contacting.

Higher Performance

While we’re handling all the stuff that you hate, like answering calls, calling old leads, and setting appointments, you’re doing what you do best by moving metal and selling more cars. We help our dealerships by not only selling more cars from giving them a better performing BDC, you actually get more sales just by having more time to focus on TOing every customer, training your F&I team to make more money on the back end, and saving more deals that would normally fall through the cracks.

Schedule a demo with us today to see these reasons in action.

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